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Despite Efforts, Croatian Mine Everyday Life Takes Its Toll


Despit of safety measures that precede demining operations, demining was and is a very dangerous and unpredictable job. This most recent sad event is another proof of that fact.

On Tuesday, September 14, 2010, Mr. Milenko Perak, 38-year old deminer of the company ‘’PIROS’’ Ltd. from Darda was killed by an AP fragmentation mine PROM-1 during the conduct of demining operations as per project ‘’Forest in the commercial unit Lisac – Staparuša, parts of sections 11a, 12a, 14a and 15a’’ in Lika-Senj County.

Even though each day is a day more after the whirl of war events and everything slowly falls into oblivion, such terrible events remind us all over again of the quiet killers still present all around us.

The Croatian Mine Action Centre has been struggling with landmines since 1998 and we do our best to ensure the full safety of 602 Croatian deminers that enter minefields on a daily basis. However, even today, we are the witnesses of unpredictable threat that took another life.

Since 1998, 62 deminers have been involved in mine incidents in the Republic of Croatia out of which 25 have been killed. The number of mine victims has been reducing since 1998 when out of 15 deminers involved in mine incidents 7 were killed by 2010 when in three incidents 2 deminers were killed.

Croatian Mine Action Centre takes this opportunity to extend sincere condolences to the family members, relatives and friends of the deceased colleague Milenko Perak.


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