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New CROMAC Statute Entered into Force


Having received the approval of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on June 28, 2013, the new Statute of the Croatian Mine Action Centre (CROMAC) officially entered into force.
Passing the new Statute is very important in terms of the need for the definition of the new organization of the Croatian Mine Action Centre (hereinafter: CROMAC) that should be more appropriate to current, but also the future mine action-related needs, challenges and standards in the Republic of Croatia.
As far as modifications of the internal organizational structure are concerned, the new Statute specifies the reduction of a number of organizational units (six to four). The reduction shall create the conditions for more efficient organization of lower organizational units via the Rules and Regulations on the Internal Organization. The Rules and Regulations shall be passed based on the Statute and hopefully result in the increase of efficiency and rationalization of CROMAC business activity.
Furthermore, as compared to the former Statute according to which CROMAC director had two deputy directors and six assistant directors, the new Statute no longer defines the need for deputy directors but still defines the need for three assistant directors. The new Statute also specifies the reduction of a number of CROMAC regional offices (three to two), change of name and sphere of responsibility. Instead of the current Regional Offices Osijek, Zadar and Karlovac, the new Statute specifies the establishment of two regional offices – Regional Office East and Regional Office South.
The above-mentioned modification of the Statute is expected at the beginning of next year, following the registration of the new regional offices into the relevant Commercial Court, bearing in mind the need for the period of adjustment during which the regional offices will be reorganized, part of staff retrained and potentially redundant employees taken care of.
To conclude, the establishment of the new CROMAC organization shall result in the reduction of a number of organizational units and management personnel. We are convinced that such modifications will provide opportunity for more efficient and cost-effective CROMAC work.


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