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Fourth expert meeting of the regional Mine-action centers from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina


On July 11th on the premises of CTDT d.o.o. in Zagreb an expert meeting of the regional Mine-action centers from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina took place. The representatives of CROMAC, BHMAC, Serbian Mine action center, Croatian Ministry of Foregin affairs, Croatian Government office for Mine action and CTDT were present.
The host of the meeting was CROMAC. In the introduction the various heads from regional Mine action centers have informed the attendees of the current status of the MSA in the areas affected by flooding and landslides. In B i H, the area of Brčko is most affected. In Serbia, the MSA was re-surveyed and no transition in the MSA was recorded. In Croatia, the re-surveying of the three affected Municipalities was done (Nijemci, Gunja and Vrbanja) where no transition in MSA was noted.
Nevertheless, the new layers of mud and soil laid by the flooding over the existing MSA is presenting as a new challenge in all three countries. Once again a proposal of re-surveying of the border region between Serbia and Croatia was confirmed. Based on the conclusions brought forth thus far, the CTDT has created a Project proposal with working title „Mine action after flooding, regional response to crisis, development of tools, technologies and capacities“. Basic function of this project is creation of the verifiable models for creation of the operative procedures on the regional level and with aim of preventive action in similar situations in the future.
It has been agreed that Croatia will present the project proposal at the upcoming Donor conference for Serbia and BiH which will be held in Bruxelles on 16. July.
Once again the instruction to the population to report any sightings of suspect objects in the environment and not to interfere with them and to report it to the appropriate authorities.


The 15th International Symposium Mine Action 2018


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
372,40 km2

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