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Demining works financed by the EU


Demining works financed trough program IPA 2010 Leftovers contract which were contracted after the public bidding are in full swing. The job consists of three projects in Osijek-baranja County and with 3,3km2 in surface. The works are valued at 22,48M HRK. The three projects have put to work the majority of the capacities of the Demining companies in Croatia. By the mid-July 2,46km2 were already executed and on it the deminers found 77 AP mines, 468 AV mines and 20 pcs of various UXO's
In the program IPA 2010 Leftovers -2nd contract – the public bidding is completed and the procedure for the selection of the most favorable candidate to demine the project surface of 2,06km2 in Zadar County. After the approval from the CFCA and the approval of the execution project proposal a contract will be signed which is valued at 1,86M EUR Due to the location of the project, i.e. the tourist season, the works should commence on 01 September this year.
A public bidding for demining works in surface of 4,46km2 with total value of 4,2M EUR in in process, and the funds have been made available to CROMAC trough IPA 2013
Public bid opening for five projects in Sisak-moslavina, Zadar and Lika-senj Counties will be held on 18. August and the completion of the works is expected by the end of the calendar year.
CROMAC has trough stated projects achieved EU grants in value of almost 8 M EUR with which demining of 9,8km2 in surface will take place.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
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