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Semi-anual results in execution of the annual demining plan


Trough the execution of the annual deminig programme the MSA areas in Republic of Croatia were reduced by 31,2 km2 which represents 56% of the planned surfaces to be demined. If the areas contracted in the first six months of 2014 are added to this number, who's realization is in its initial stages, then the realizations according to planned are 72%. On the demining jobs in the first six months of 2014 a total of 2076 mines were found and 1227 of UXO's.

In the first six months of 2014 the most complex works were finalized in the Dubrovnik neretva County and trough 16 projects 3,5km2 were demined. 319 Mines were found and 94 of various UXO's. With the completion of the fore-mentioned projects the Dubrovnik Neretva County has been made Mine-free.
A final analysis is in progress about exclusions from MSA in Virovitica Podravina County and this County will be soon declared to be Mine –free.

All of the Mine threats have been removed from the City of Kutina and Municipality of Velika.
During the first half of 2014, one of the goals for 2014, declaring the Vukovar Srijem County to be mine free has been achieved.
The demining works in Osijek Baranja county are also reaching their final stages and it is the works financed by the EU with total surface of 3,3km2 and 22,48M Kuna in value.

In the first half of this year CROMAC has signed three grants from IPA, Component 1 with total value of 9,1M €, where the EU portion of the grant is 7,1 M€. By the end of the year, a surface of 9,8km2 will be demined in Osijek Baranja, Sisak Moslavina, Lika Senj and Zadar Counties.

In Sisak Moslavina County the works continue to demine Kotar forest where the largest number of mine incidents was recorded and thus, this area has been nominated in the strategic plan and in the first half of 2014 the area of 1km2 has been cleared. There are other works in progress in the Kotar forest financed by donations. A decision has been made to direct most donations to the specified area and those donations are; Croatian power company (HEP) 2M Kuna, Principality of Monaco, 225.000€, Privredna Bank Zagreb, INA, Orbico and other donations collected trough the Croatia without mines foundation.

The removal of Mine threat from the area planned for the center for mountain tourism „Sveto brdo“ in the Nature park Velebit in Lovinac municipality is in its final stages. To demine this area over 15M kuna has been spent from the State budget which is a precondition for the further development of that project.

The removal of Mine threat from Prašnik forest in Brod Posavina County is 45% completed the demining of the Economic unit Dubovica in Vukovar Srijem county is in its final stage. The two projects are linked to the investor Croatian Forrests which are participating in the dmining projects with 25M Kuna in 2014.

During the recent catastrophic flooding in Croatia CROMAC has put its capacities from branch East at disposal to the authorities with aim to inform the public, volunteers and others. Also, the activities to re-marcate the MSA took place making sure all the signs were in place. At the initiative of the Director of CROMAC, Employer's union and individual deminers and their unions, a project will be taking place where demining of the entire Municipality of Gunja will be demined for free and the project will have 162.017m2.

In the first half of 2014, a contiuity of engagement was ensured for the 39 accredited demining companies. According to the indicators for the first 6 months, daily engagement was 301 deminers which is an increase when compared in the same period for the previous year when the engagement was 266 deminers/day.


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