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Education about Mine threat


From 13 to 26 July CROMAC has had numerous education activities in the Karlovac and Osijek Baranja Counties. The locations were; Lasinja, Vojnić, Barilović and Beli Manastir in accordance with the annual Education plan or at invitation of the Police directorates. The local population was informed about the current mine situation in their wider region. The representatives from MOI presented the mines and other material which could possibly be found in their environment even if there are no minefields present. Such unexploded ordinance instead of disposing in inadequate conditions, the public can hand over to the Police authorities. The higher Advisor for Education and Mine victim assistance Mrs. Marta Kovačić has presented to the audience how to behave properly when in vicinity of MSA and handed out leaflets with warning messages on the subject. Mrs. Kovačić used the opportunity to show how to use CROMAC's MIS portal where the citizens can view where are the MSA areas and where the warning signs are posted


The 16th International Symposium Mine Action 2019


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
365,00 km2

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