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Mine awareness education in Petrinja on August 10


On Sunday, 10 August, on the occasion of the celebration of the St.Lovro and the City celebration day in the center of Petrinja the Education was held Less weaponry less tragedies. The opportunity was used to present the remaining MSA of Petrinja and its surrounding countryside. The CROMAC's educator Marta Kovai has presented to the public the areas that are still classified as MSA, and of those there are 28km2 in Petrinja region. The most heavily mined is the area of Kotar uma where the demining projects are continually in place.

A great interest was displayed by the people from the surrounding countryside and leaflets were handed out and the possibilities of MIS system were presented which offers detailed insight into areas of interest.

The members of the MOI have used the opportunity to invite citizens to return any and all weapons they may posess without licences which can result in serious tragedies. During the presentations, a cartoon Throw out the intruder which aims at teaching the youngest how to behave when in presence of unknown or suspect objects. The little ones have shown keen interest in the Police detection dog Kia which is used for inspection of persons and facilities when such services are needed. The experts from MOI also presented the Police robot Tehodore which is used for neutralizations of suspect and explosive devices and other extraction situations such as explosions and industrial accidents.


The 14th International Symposium Humanitarian Demining 2017


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
413,70 km2

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