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A tour of IPA - Component I. financed projects


On Friday, 12. September the Director of CROMAC Mr. Dražen Jakopec and his associates, Osjek-baranja County Prefect Vladimir Šišljagić Ph.D., representative of the Contractor– tvrtke Rumital – Brig. general Zvonko Peternel and Mayors of Šodolovci, Darda and Draž, messers Mile Zlokapa, Anto Vukoja and Stipan Šašlin –went and toured the Demining projects in Osjek-baranja County financed by the EU funds, IPA, Component I, Assistance in transition and institutional building – Leftovers for 2010.

The total value of the overall project is 3.038.309,00 EUR, out of which EU grant is 2.500.661,00 EUR, and the remaining 537.648,00 EUR is financed trough the Croatian state budget. The project consists of three sub-projects with total demined surface of 3,3km2 of MSA in Šodolovci, Darda and Draž Municipalities.
In Šodolovci County Prefect Šišljagić pointed out the excellent cooperation of Osijek-baranja county and CROMAC illustrating his point with the example of the Cross-border project with Hungary and announced a very valuable EU project valued at 35M EUR which will mainly focus on forrested areas.
„By demining those agricultural surfaces a total of 1030 mines and 200 UXO's were found and destroyed. The EU funds are just one source of funding. Since 1998 the EU has assisted the deminig process in Croatia with over 30 M EUR and it continues to do so. The plan is to remove the remaining MSA from the agricultural land in Osijek baranja County next year“, said Director Jakopec.
The Municipal mayors have expressed their satisfaction with demining of the large agricultural plots and future possible Ecological production on them.
In Osijek baranja County there is 86,5 km2 of MSA spread over 14 Cities and Municipalities, where the largest portion of it is forrested (88%), and slightly over 10% is agricultural. Since 1998 in Osijek baranja County a total of 86,7km2 have been demined at a cost of 753M HRK.


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