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Meeting of County Demining Co-ordinators Held in CROMAC Premises


Upon the initiative of the Croatian Mine Action Centre (CROMAC), there was a meeting held on September 24, 2014 in order to discuss plans and activities for the next year and the forthcoming period until 2019.
The meeting was attended by county demining co-ordinators from 10 mine-contaminated counties, CROMAC director Mr Dra˛en Jakopec with associates and representatives of the Office for Mine Action of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
The main topic under discussion was the new concept of the National Mine Action Strategy 2009-2019, the strategic document for mine action operations in Croatia. ''Considering the fact that stated document was passed in times when the circumstances were a lot different in the context of changes that occurred in the meantime as well as the current situation within the country and the region, the conclusion was that the National Mine Action Strategy should be modified to properly correspond to the current situation and forthcoming period'', said director Jakopec.
The basic guidelines of the proposed modifications were presented at the meeting. The key task is to remove all known and registered minefields until March 1, 2019. This deadline is determined by the Ottawa Convention.
In the second part of the meeting, the co-ordinators were presented basic guidelines of the Humanitarian Demining Plan 2015. It was agreed to organize additional meetings in all mine contaminated counties until October 15, 2014.


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