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Final conference IPA 2010 - Leftovers


In the great hall of the Osijek Baranja County hall a completion of the project Demining in the war affected areas leftovers was held. The funds were financed trough IPA 2010, Component 1- Assistance in transition and institution building Leftovers. The total value of the project is 3.038.309,00. The EU financed the project with 2.500.661,00 and Republic of Croatia with 537.648,00. Osijek Baranja County still has 83 km2 of the MSA spreading over 14 Cities and Municipalities.

With these EU funds, three demining projects were financed in the odolovci, Dra and Darda Municipalities in total surface of 3,3km2.

During demining threre have been over a 1000 mines and over 200 UXO finds which were destroyed on site. The realization of this project will have an influence on the improvement of the general living conditions and will contribute to conditions for sustainable living and return of displaced persons. It will also have an impact on improved economic situation as well as indirectly improved social status of the local population.

Since 1998 to date, the EU has assisted the demining process in Croatia with over 30 M and it continues to do so trough the per-acession funds.

The conference was attended by the County prefect Vladimir iljagi as well as Mayors of Darda, Dra and odolovci Municipalities, Messrs. Ante Vukoje, Stipan alin and Mile Zlokapa since the project was implemented on the territory of their Municipalities.


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