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Final conference in Zemunik Donji


On Friday, 03. September, threre was a formal final conference in the Zemunjk Donji Municilality to comemorate the completion of the project „Demining in the war affected areas“, financed trouth EU funds via the promgramme IPA, Component 1, Assistance in transition and institutional building – Leftorvers of 2010.
The total value of the project is 1.856.706,00 EUR, where the EU participation was 438.100,00 EUR and Republic of Croatia with 418.606,00 EUR from the State budget.
Zadar County has 47,7km2 of the MSA spreading over 12 Cities and Municipalities.
The project at hand entails among others, one project in Zadar County with which over 2km2 of agricultural, pasture land, forests and meadows were cleared in the North Easterly area of Smokovię settlement and North-Westerly from Zemunik Gornji.
The completion of the demining works according to the project has an influence on improvement of overall conditions for sustainable return of displaced persons, improvement of economic, social and other conditions in the war affected areas, as well as it sets the preconditions for sustainable development of the rural areas and its economy and infrastructure.
To date, since 1998 the European Union has assisted the demining process in Republic of Croatia with almost 31 Milion EUR and it continues to do so via the Pre-acession funds.
It is important to stress that with the realization of the IPA 2010 programme, CROMAC has been able to get financing of demining projects i Osijek-Baranja, Vukovar-Srijem and Zadar Counties with total value of 8.895.015 EUR, out of which the EU grants were 6.938.761EUR.


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