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Polish and Slovak experts share their experiences in usage of EU funds in forest protection


The representatives of the Polish and Slovak forest state Agencies have presented to their Croatian colleagues the experiences in usage of EU funds in the environment protection on the International congress „Support to forestry sector trough EU funds“ held at the Croatian Chambers of Commerce.

Croatia as a EU member has an opportunity to use EU funds for demining, protection and renewal of the forests and for that reason the Slovak and Polish experiences can be of value since they have very good results in that area, stated Ivan Ištok, Member of the Board of the Croatian forests. As an example he stated a project which is in its preparatory stage- a project of revitalization of the protected forest areas in Danube–Drava region, which will make demining possible in the Nature park „Kopački rit“ and Regional park Mura-Drava, for which the idea came from the Polish and Slovak colleagues.
The project is over 35M € in value and is it its later stages of development. Thanks to excellent cooperation of the Government office for Mine action, CROMAC, Croatian Water Authority and Regional development agency the project is now undergoing its feasibility study and the project should be prepared for EU financing towards the end of the year or ealrly in 2015.

Dijana Pleština, Ph..D., the Head of the Government office for Mine action has claimed that the most of the remaining MSA are forested and their existence has a negative impact and halts development. Mrs.. Pleština further advocated the collaboration of the State and local governments in project creation where demining can be connected to other projects beneficial to the local communities
The congress was organized by the Croatian forests agency, Government office for Mine, Croatian chamber of forestry Engineers, CROMAC and Regional development agency


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