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Once again Peugeot together with the Government office for Mine action and the French Embassy in a Croatian Demining project


For the third year in a row, with aim to assist Demining in Croatia, Peugeot Croatia, Government office for Mine action and the French Embassy with cooperation of RTL Television are partners on a project named „Against Mines“
It is a continuation of an idea born three years ago, out of which two exceptionally successful projects came out (208 Against mines in 2012 and 2013). Those were implemented with cooperation of the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb. The first artist which took his vision to a Peugeot automobile was Zlatan Vehabović, an awarded artist of the newer generation and with the funds collected the municipality of Jasenice was demined in Zadar county. The following year, Boris bućan, a world-renown painter and graphc designer painted Peugeot's crossover 2008 with sylization of his poster for ballet of I. Strawinsky „The Firebird“. The funds raised were used for demining of a portion of the Kotar forrest near Petrinja.
In this years's project the organizers want to add a new dimension by donating 10% as aid to children of the Croatian deminers killed in the line of duty. Those efforts were joined by NGO Kuća za ljude, Art Lauba and Lovro Artuković a renown Croatian painter whihch undertook taking his unique vision to a new Peugeot 308.
In regard to this project Lovro Artuković said; „I hope that our product will find someone who loves such poetics and which simply just wants to have it. As an artist, of course, I wonder about the usefulness of what I do, the every day usefulness, the practical-empathetical. I know that „usefulness“ of my paintings is on another plain and is measured differently. Never the less, I still rejoice when I meet for example, a couple, happy together for years now, who actually met at one of my exhibitions. I would love to contribute with what I have done to collect the funds to be used to clear mines and that the couple who met at my exposition can go back to their ancestoral land, which is still under mines and return some day to the grandfather's house.“
Let us remind you that Croatia still has 560km square under mines spread over 10 counties and 81 towns and municipalities and that this area still holds 64 thousand mines and UXO's.
For that reason, the Government office for Mine action is appealing to the citizens who are able to make a call to
060 9 308 and support this project.
All additional information on this humanitarian event are available on the web page of RTL Television which is the media partner on the project:



The 15th International Symposium Mine Action 2018


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
372,40 km2

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