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Less weaponry-less tragedies


On Wednesday 05. November, on the occasion of the City day of the city of Kutina on the main city square a manifestation „Less weaponry-less tragedies“ took place. The programme was organized by Police prefecture Kutina and the Council for communal prevention. CROMAC's representative informed those present about 16.509m2 still infested with remains of the cluster bombs in Šartovačko brdo area, which is a part of general MSA in Kutina. Attendees were handed leaflets and educational materials indicating appropriate behaviors in vicinity of Mine suspect areas. A great number of pupils and students saw how a demining robot Theodor is used as well as they have met a Mine detection dog Kia.
The activity has a goal of developing awareness and warn the public of the threats of weapons as well as to remind them that weapons have no place in family homes.
Less weapons does mean less tragedies.


The 15th International Symposium Mine Action 2018


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
372,40 km2

The Office for Mine Action
Cluster for humanitarian demining