Croatian mine action centre


Continuation of demining works – capacities fully engaged until the year end


With the expiry of the waiting period proscribed by the Law on public procurement and by the selection of the most favorable bidders and the approval of their execution plans, the conditions were met for signature of six demining contracts.
The contracts at hand are 3.305.464 square meters in the Zadar, Šibenik-knin and additional 110.871 square meters in Lika-senj and Požega-slavonija counties.
The total value of works is 28 Milion HRK and the works is expected to begin in mid-November. Contractually, the work is expected to last 40 and 30 working days respectively.


The 15th International Symposium Mine Action 2018


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
374,00 km2

The Office for Mine Action
Cluster for humanitarian demining