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Demining certificate hand-over ceremony for areas near Ostrovo settlement


Demining certificate hand-over ceremony for areas in Markušica Municipality, more specifically areas adjacent to Ostrovo settlement has been held in Vinkovci today. At the same time a donation checque in value of 380.000 HRK was presented. The funds are proceeds gathered at the AmCham's charity dinner called „A night for safe steps 2013“, which were later further increased by the funds from the U.S. government. A donation of over 162.000 HRK was used to clear one out of two areas close to Ostrovo with the funds of the charity dinner.
A statement was issued during the hand-over ceremony; „Demining of agricultural surfaces in Vukovar Srijem county is finished, and the plan is that by 2015 this county is completely Mine-free“
According to the words of the County Prefect Mr.Zdravko Kelić, at the beginning of demining of the most Easterly part of Slavonia there were over 120 kilometers square to be demined, and today it is 14 and mostly in forrested areas. The demining process took over 700M HRK and as it was pointed out – Vukovar Srijem County was one of the counties with heaviest contamination, and now will be among the first to become Mine –free.
The executive director of AmCham in Croatia, Ms. Andrea Doko Jelušić stated „We rejoice at every occasion in which a part of Croatia is becoming Mine-free“.
The U.S. Ambassador to Croatia Kenneth Merten pointed out that he is proud of his government because the U.S. have donated over 30M US$ into demining, thereby clearing over 16 square kilometers and have removed over 3500mines in the process. „Demining is an issue of security, but also and Economic issue since the removal of mines does protect human lives, but also creates preconditions for Economic prosperity of Croatia, which I believe Croatia will take“, said Ambassador Merten.
The head of the Government office for Mine Action, Mrs. Dijana Pleština Ph.D. expressed her gratitude to the U.S. government for their continued partnership in demining Croatia and stressed; „We need to continue and use the EU funds trough development projects in areas affected in the Homeland war“.
Assistant Director of CROMAC, Mr. Miljenko Vahtarić said that the areas around Ostrovo have been returned to their owners for use and thanked all of the donors. „According to the Annual demining plan from next year in the most Easterly county of Croatia from next year there will be no more mine threat signs, and those signs can become a part of history as a reminder of the war, while active life and Economy can progress without impediment.“


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