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Red Fico VS Yugoslav Army Tank The promotion of Žarko Plevniks Book in Vukovar


Marking of this year's Memorial Day for Victims of Vukovar 1991 started by presentation of a book by Žarko Plevnik, war correspondent of the Croatian Radio television. There will be a number of commemorative and other events organized by November 20 under the slogan ‘Vukovar, the city of special reverence’’ aimed at reminding ourselves of the tragedy of Vukovar.
The author Žarko Plevnik remembered the famous event from the beginning of the Homeland War and said: ‘’You surely remember the event that took place on June 27, 1991 in Osijek when the former Yugoslav Army tank ran over the red Fico. I am the author of that TV camera recording which became world famous and used by numerous broadcasting companies all over the world. I made the recording at the crossing of Vukovarska St. and Klajnova St.’’
During the Homeland War, Plevnik worked as a journalist at the TV Studio Osijek preparing reportages from Osijek, Vukovar and other places in Slavonia and Baranja. As he said, his book ‘’Red Fico’’ consists of war reportages from 1991 and 1992. All the proceeds from the book sale are intended for demining of suspected hazardous areas in Croatia.
During the forthcoming weekend, the author will be promoting and signing his book at the main city squares in Osijek and Vukovar.


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