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Remembrance for victims of Vukovar


On the day of remembrance of the victims of Vukovar is commemorated to remind us that on that date, 18. November 1991 after three months siege the resistance of Croatian defenders of Vukovar was broken.
The Republic of Croatia to this day is faced with the consequences of the aggression and war since there are 550 square kilometers still considered as MSA, and 14,7km square is in Vukovar srijem County. The bleak statistics say that mines have caused 23 fatal incidents Aaccording to MIS system of CROMAC since 1998 to date).
The city of Vukovar was fully cleared of Mine threat i n 2008 and demining continues in other parts of the county.
In last year CROMAC has reduced the MSA area in Vukovar srijem County by 12,57 km square, and fully removed the Mine threat in Jarmina and Nuštar Municipalities. In Markušica Municipality has had all of its agricultural land fully demined. In 2014 the general survey activities have created the preconditions that as a goal, we can set complete demining in the whole Vukovar srijem county in 2015.
The employees are commemorating this day with piety and thereby expressing their respect for the victims of Vukovar.


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