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Mine Risk Education in Osijek


On November 26, 2014, there was a panel entitled ''Children endangered by mines'' held in the premises of Grigor Vitez elementary school in Osijek. The panel was attended by 150 students of second, third and fourth grade.
The panel was organized by the ‘’Association of Civil Victims of Homeland War of the Republic of Croatia’’ – Osijek-Baranja County branch office. On behalf of the association, the guests were welcomed by the chairwoman Ms Ružica Bisaha. The event was also attended by: first deputy chairman Mr Franjo Kučinac, member of the association Ms Mirjana Eberling and reverend Josip Marjdandžić as association supporter.
Mr Goran Latković attended the panel on behalf of the Croatian Red Cross, Osijek City Association. Mr Mario Kokić from the Department for anti-explosion protection from the Osijek-Baranja PA attended the panel on behalf of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia. Mr Damir Buljević attended the event representing the Croatian Association of Prisoners of Serbian Concentration Camps. The panel was also attended by school headmistress Ms Ljiljana Musa with teachers.
The program consisted of lectures on mine danger held by representatives of the Department for anti-explosion protection from the Osijek-Baranja PA, representatives of Red Cross and CROMAC representative Mr Dubravko Krušarovski, head of CROMAC Regional Office East.
Ca. 200 flyers ‘’Watch out-mines!’’ were donated to the school library. They will be inserted into the books for children to read when they borrow books from the library. CROMAC also donated DVD ‘’Bembo and friends against mines’’ (educative cartoons), several copies of learning application about mine danger entitled ‘’Endangered world’’ with 5-language dictionary of endangered species in the Republic of Croatia.


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