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Completion of Project «For Croatia without Mines» Funded by the Croatian State Lottery


There was an official ceremony of the donation cheque handover and a press conference held in the premises of the Croatian Mine Action Centre in Sisak on December 10, 2014. The event was organized the mark the completion of the project ''For Croatia without Mines''.
The project is a fruit of co-operation between the Croatian State Lottery and Croatian Mine Action Centre. They prepared a special lottery ticket named ‘’The square of happiness’’ aimed at raising public awareness of CROMAC activities and importance of demining for better quality of life of the Croatian citizens as well as economic development of the country. Since April 2012 until July this year, the funds remaining after allocations to the prize fund and covering the costs of organization went to Croatian Mine Action Centre.
This valuable project was completed by demining of forest area inside the Kotar forest in Sisak-Moslavina County, total layout area: 220.855 sq.m. To mark the completion of project, the CEO of the Croatian State Lottery Danijel Ferić awarded a donation cheque worth 2.093.395,41 HRK to the director of the Croatian Mine Action Centre Mr Dražen Jakopec. The aforementioned sum was raised during the implementation of project.
The guests at the conference were welcomed by Mr Hrvoje Debač from the Office for Mine Action of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and Mr Darinko Dumbović, the mayor of Petrinja. After the ceremony, the participants visited the demining site on the territory of Kotar forest. 38 anti-personnel mines were found and destroyed on the demining project. The systematic removal of mine danger from the Kotar forest is identified as a strategic CROMAC goal with respect to the current statistics reporting 35 mine incidents in which 14 people were killed and 18 suffered major bodily injuries.
The project «For Croatia without Mines» demonstrates once more our dedication to participate, together with players, in different humanitarian and socially beneficial actions. ‘’In this case, the key beneficiary is - Croatia without mines.’’ – said the CEO of the Croatian State Lottery.


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