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Mine Risk Education in the Catholic School ibenik


Mine Risk Education in the Catholic School ibenik
On December 11, 2014, there was an education about mine danger held in the Catholic elementary school ibenik. An interesting lecture was held by Josip erina, Ph.D., head of CROMAC Regional Office South. MRE was held for 1st to 4th grade students of elementary school and senior elementary school students with a bit different content of the lecture, more appropriate to their age.
The students were informed about mine danger, types of mines and suspected hazardous areas (forest, village, karst, mountain, lake) and importance to adhere to mine warning signs. The lecturer informed them about whom to call for help in case of running into explosive ordnance. The students enjoyed taking part in the quiz in which they had to find the intruder on the photographs mines. In short movies, they could see the potentially harmful situations in terms of mine threat as well as methods of mine and ERW destruction. They were open to asking questions and experience exchange. The conclusion was to leave the removal and destruction of explosive remnants of war to the experts deminers.


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