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Demining Contracts for 5 Square Kilometers of SHA Concluded


At the beginning of new business year, demining operations for 5 square kilometers of suspected hazardous area (SHA) have been contracted. The subjects of contracted operations are mostly priorities defined by southern counties. Among others, there will be the entire territory of the Promina peek demined as well as the entire remaining suspected hazardous area of Sukošan municipality.
The operations are worth 42,8 million HRK and will be conducted by 37 (out of 40) demining companies. On several projects, during the days of maximum engagement of capacities, the companies will employ from 155 up to 338 deminers, 13 demining machines and 6 mine detection dogs. Dependent of weather conditions, all operations are planned to be completed in 40 working days.
Apart from stated operations out of which the majority starts on January 12, the Croatian Mine Action Centre announced the call for public tender for seven demining projects totalling 8,35 square kilometres on the territory of Vukovar-Srijem, Požega-Slavonia, Osijek-Baranja and Sisak-Moslavina County. The projects are worth 70 million HRK.
Thanks to the above-mentioned operations, all demining capacities will be fully engaged.


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