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Collective Agreement Signed for Humanitarian Demining Activity


On Thursday, February 5, 2015, there was the Collective Agreement signed for the humanitarian demining activity. On behalf of the New Trade Union, the Agreement was signed by Mr Mario Iveković, on behalf of the New Humanitarian Demining Trade Union by Mr Esfad Bašić and on behalf of the Association of Employers in Mine Action by Mr Alen Majsec.
By signing the above-mentioned Collective Agreement, acquired material rights of employees have been kept on the level of last year’s Collective Agreement. Improvements refer to additional benefits for the work on Sundays – said Mr Mario Iveković. According to Mr Iveković, the Collective Agreement will be valid until March 2019 when, in line with the commitments undertaken by signing the Ottawa Convention, demining of the Republic of Croatia has to be completed. However, it was agreed to organize additional negotiations over the potential increase of acquired material rights every year in October.
Mr Alen Majsec, the chairman of the Association of Employers in Mine Action, reminded that the Association represents around 20% of employees in humanitarian demining and invited all other trade unions to increase the pressure so that other employers would sign the Collective Agreement as well.
‘’The fact that, for the first time, in 2015 we have funds of around 421 million HRK allocated for demining in 10 counties secured, which surpass the funds foreseen by the National Mine Action Strategy, speaks in favour of this Collective Agreement’’, said the director of the Croatian Mine Action Centre (CROMAC) Mr Dražen Jakopec. He also expressed hope that all other employers will eventually sign the Collective Agreement as well in that way ensuring equal working conditions and acquired material benefits for all employees, from deminers to auxiliary workers.


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