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Mine Incident during Demining Operations


Today, around 12,30 hours, the mine incident occurred during demining on the territory of Rui municipality. The employee of the demining company RUMITAL was injured by the landmine.
The victim immediately received emergency medical treatment and was transferred by helicopter, in co-operation with the Mountain Rescue Service, to the hospital in Split.
Police investigation is in progress. The public will soon be informed in detail about the circumstances of the above-mentioned incident.
Since the end of the Homeland War i.e. June 30, 1996 until the end of 2014, there was the total of 347 mine incidents and accidents registered involving 486 persons. 163 persons were killed by mines, 220 persons suffered major bodily injuries while 103 persons suffered minor bodily injuries.
Last mine incident with fatal consequences occurred in January 2012 during demining when a deminer was killed by landmine.


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