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Mine Incident in Ružić Municipality – Press Release


After the completion of police investigation of the mine incident in which a deminer was injured after activation of a landmine during the conduct of demining operations, Croatian Mine Action Centre issues the following press release:
Today, February 17, 2015 at 12,30 hrs, the mine incident occurred in which a deminer was injured during the conduct of demining operations. The deminer is an employee of the demining company RUMITAL Ltd. Zagreb, Z.T. from Kutina, born in 1979, who activated an AP mine PMA-2 (sometimes referred to as the 'Pašteta', due to its superficial resemblance to a meat-pâté tin).
The injured person was transferred by helicopter to the CHC Split to receive surgical medical treatment which is still in progress.
The deminer was injured while conducting demining operations as per project ‘’Forests, meadows and pastures in the towns of Drniš and Skradin and municipalities of Promina and Ružić’’, layout area: 1.686.861 sq.m. Since the beginning of operations, 107 pieces of different mines and 12 pieces of ERW have so far been found on the project. At the site where mine incident occurred, according to CROMAC’s demining project proposal, mines type PMA-2 were to be expected and have already been found prior to the incident.


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