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Demining agricultural land within the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia


In Požega, on March 5, 2015, first meeting was held to introduce the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia, Measure M05. „Restoring of agricultural production potential disrupted by natural disasters and catastrophic events, and an introduction of appropriate prevention activities, within which is the Sub-measure 5.2 that contains the Type of operation 5.2.2. Demining of agricultural land.

The meeting was attended by county demining coordinators for the Karlovac, Sisak – Moslavina, Požega – Slavonia, Brod – Posavina, Osijek – Baranja i Vukovar – Srijem County, along with the host County Prefect Alojz Tomašević and the Director of CROMAC with its associates.

In the introductory, Mrs. Nataša Mateša Mateković, Head of the CROMAC's Plan and Analysis Department, presented attendees with last year's implementation of demining activities and informed them about the basic guidelines of the Plan of humanitarian demining for the current year.

Mr. Dražen Svečnjak from the Ministry of Agriculture introduced attendees with a so far completed and planned activities of the Ministry of Agriculture, related to the mentioned Type of operation 5.2.2. whose goal is demining of entire agricultural land of the Republic of Croatia.
Also, coordinators were introduced with the further procedure, activities of the mentioned Sub-operations actors, from an Ordinance regulating the way and conditions of conducting the Type of operation 5.2.2. entering into force, project development, application for the aforementioned funds towards Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Rural Development, to launching of the public procurement procedure for demining activities, that is signing of a demining contract.


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