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Mine Risk Education – Sisak, Sunja, Nijemci, Karlobag, Obrovac, Donji Lapac


As part of marking the ''April - Month of Protection Against Mines'' from 23 to 30 April, mine risk educations (MRE) have been held in Sela elementary school near Sisak and market in Sunja in Sisak-Moslavina County, Ivan Kozarac elementary school in Nijemci in Vukovar-Srijem County and Karlobag in Lika-Senj County. Educative interactive play ''Bembo and friends against mines'' was held in Obrovac, Zadar County. Educations were held in co-operation with police administrations of the above-mentioned counties. They implemented their action ''Less Arms Less Tragedies''.

On May 6, 2015, there was a mine risk education and promotion of the action ‘’Less Arms Less Tragedies’’ held in Donji Lapac, Lika-Senj County in co-operation with Ministry of Interior Lika-Senj police administration.

MRE activities were attended by local population, children and students. They saw a presentation of mine warning signs, prototypes of ammunition and mines used for training purposes. The participants received educative materials and leaflets with information about mine situation in the Republic of Croatia, precautionary measures and use of CROMAC MISportal. CROMAC staff also presented the areas to be demined according to Humanitarian Demining Plan 2015.


The 16th International Symposium Mine Action 2019


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
365,00 km2

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