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„Less weapons, less tragedies“ campaign in Hrvatska Kostajnica


„Less weapons, less tragedies“ campaign, conducted in cooperation between the General Directorate of the police and Sisak-moslavina police department, was held in Hrvatska Kostajnica. The campaign was also supported by the presence of county prefect of Sisak-moslavina County Ivo Žinić, his deputy Anita Sinjeri-Ibrišević, professor Marija Ivanković from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, the Mayor of Hrvatska Kostajnica Tomislav Paunović, head of the municipality Majur Klementina Karanović, Chief of Police of Sisak-moslavina County Marko Rašić and the Head of Prevention service of the police Directorate Sandra Veber. The goal of this preventive action by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia in cooperation with CROMAC, was not only aimed at sensitizing the issue of residual weapons return, but also to increase public awareness about the dangers of inappropriate handling of weapons and mine-explosive remnants. Furthermore, educational brochures were distributed to the children from local kindergarten, Ivana Trnskog high school and Davorin Trstenjak primary school students and pupils of the elementary school Katarina Zrinski from Mečenčani. Also, Sandra Veber reminded those present on the commencement and purpose of the campaign "less weapons-less tragedies" along with the work presentation of EOD robot Teodor and police explosives-detection dog.


The 15th International Symposium Mine Action 2018


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