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Educational activities in Sisak and Lika-Senj County


In accordance with the partner proposals and Annual Education Plan of Croatian Mine Action Centre, from 25 to 29 May 2015, in Sisak and Lika-Senj County, mine risk education was held. On Monday, May 25 at the resort Podum in Otočac, training for members of the German volunteer camp who stayed in Podum for a week was arranged. They were familiarized with the mine situation in and around Otočac and methods of safe and risky behavior in mine suspected areas. Furthermore, same educational activities were presented to the citizens on May 27, in the center of Otočac, as a part of the "Less Arms, Less Tragedies" campaign.

On Tuesday, May 26, for students of Budaševo elementary school in Sisak and in cooperation with the Sisak Police station, a lecture on mine danger was held. Consecutively, on May 29, final component of the preventional project "Healthy for 5" was presented in the Sisak promenade. During noted occasion to the kindergarten kids, school children and other citizens, age considered-customized leaflets were distributed with the educational purpose informing them about the mine danger and situation in Sisak-moslavina County. The mentioned project, was conducted for the past three years, jointly by the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, organized by regional partners, the Sisak-moslavina Police department and the Administrative Department of Environmental Protection and Nature of Sisak-moslavina County. In addition to Croatian Mine Action Centre, other partners such as the Department of Emergency Medicine Sisak-moslavina County, Fire department Sisak, Public Institution for the Protection of Nature of Sisak-moslavina County, Sisak Auto Club, The National Protection and Rescue Directorate - Office Sisak, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Sisak Diving Club, Petrinja Kayak and Canoe Club, the Public Library, "Vlado Gotovac" Sisak, Petrinja Airsoft Club, Eco Association Source, Bodocentar Sisak, Sisak Tourist office, Novo Selo Volunteer Youth Fire Squad, Sisak association „New World“ and Sisak City Market also participated in project realization.

Additionally, on the same day, also as a part of "Less Arms, Less Tragedies" campaign, the mine problem of Sisak-moslavina County was presented in Topusko for the kindergarten children and elementary and high school students.


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