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The public procurement procedures initiated for the EAFRD supporting funds


Upon completion of the tender for support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) onto which, with intention of achieving support for demining of agricultural land, applied Sisak - Moslavina county, Karlovac county, Brod - Posavina county, Lika - Senj county, Osijek - Baranja county and Požega - Slavonija county, Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has issued a decision on the admissibility of the application to support all of these counties.
Based on the noted requirements or decisions on the admissibility of requests for support, counties had published calls for tender for deferral of demining activities including Karlovac county for 3.75 km2, Sisak - Moslavina county for 13.4 km2, Lika - Senj county for 6.4 km2, Požega - Slavonija county for 3,7 km2, Osijek - Baranja county for 1.38 km2 and Brod - Posavina county for 857,425 square meters of demining of agricultural land.
Karlovac County has already held a public bid opening event during which one joint offer of legal persons authorized for demining activities has been opened and by the end of this week a decision is expected to be made.
The public opening of tenders based on the invitation to tender for deferral of demining activities in the Sisak - Moslavina county will be held on July 2 and, depending on the results of the review, assessment and selection of offers and assessment of the feasibility of the project,the approach to the signing of the contract of demining will be commenced.
Furthermore, the public opening of tenders in Lika - Senj county will be held on July 27, in Brod - Posavina county on 3 August,in the Osijek - Baranja county on August 11 and Požega - Slavonija county on 12 August, 2015.
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