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IPA 2013 - Final conference held in Gospić


Closing Conference in the Cultural Information Centre in Gospić, Budačka street 12, marked the completion of the "Clearance of the socio-economic infrastructure in Lika-Senj, Sisak-moslavina and Zadar County" project, financed by the European Union under IPA Component I - Assistance transition and institution building for 2013.
The total value of the project amounts to EUR 4.2 million. The European Union funded the project with 3,159,000.00 euros, with the rest of 1,053,000.00 euros were provided from Republic of Croatia state budget funds. The project beneficiary is Croatian Mine Action Centre.
Lika-Senj County has 143.0 square kilometers of mine suspected hazardous area that stretches through nine cities and municipalities, Sisak-moslavina 96.4 square kilometers in the area of 10 towns and municipalities, and the Zadar County 41.0 square kilometer in 11 cities and municipalities. This project included a six (6) separate demining projects: the area of Lika-Senj county (2 projects), Sisak-moslavina County (3 projects), and the Zadar county (1 project). The total cleared surface amounts to 4,506,530 of square meters. In Lika-Senj county agricultural and forest areas in the settlement of Lički Ribnik in the City of Gospic and meadows and forests in the Municipality of Perušić were cleaned; in Sisak-moslavina area Blinjski Kut and Gornje Komarevo in Sisak and area of Zaloj, Gračanice Šišinečke, Donjih Jama and Glinske Poljane villages in Glina were cleared. In Zadar County demined area included settlements Islam Grčki in Benkovac and Pedići hamlets under the resort Pridraga, Novigrad Municipality.
The realization of this project resulted with general improvements of conditions for sustainable return of refugees and displaced persons, improvement of economic and social conditions in the war-affected areas, sustainable development of rural areas and the development of the rural economy and infrastructure improvements.
From 1998 until today, the European Union funded the demining process in the Republic of Croatia with more than 30 million euros and continues to assist through pre-accession funds.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
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