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"Less arms, less tragedies" action held in Glina


On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, at the Market in Glina, Sisak-moslavina county, "Less Arms, Less Tragedies" action has been conducted. The town of Glina still has 11.5 km2 of mine suspected area, and is very important to remind the public for mine dangers and warn them of the importance of respecting the danger signs. Police addressed the citizens to voluntarily surrender mines, weapons and other dangerous devices that are kept in their homes, in order to eliminate the danger from the immediate area, both for themselves and for their family members, especially children, who out of curiosity often explore the utility areas (attics , basements, garages, etc.), where irresponsible individuals usually keep such devices stored.
Citizens of Glina have shown interest for educational and informational materials that have been distributed to them, as well as for the exposed specimens of school mines. Furthermore, they also studied the presented map of mine suspected areas throughout Sisak-moslavina county.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
374,00 km2

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