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Demining of Kokani village funded by ITF


After a public competition for deferral of demining financed by ITF Enhancing Human Security, CROMAC and contractor Zeleni kvadrat Ltd. signed on 24 July contract on demining according to project called «Meadows and forests in the Kokani village", layout area of 72,132 square meters.
The value of the above activities is $ 51,935.04 or 355,302.46 HRK, which amounts to 4,93 HRK/m2.
The introduction of the work is planned for the end of July, while the execution and completion of activities are expected in August.
The project performance will enable the removal of the mine threat from vicinity of houses and gardens in the village of Kokani, Municipality Josipdol, along with making the exploitation of forests and development of agricultural and livestock production possible. Demining of noted area is a part of a larger conjoint area, which will increase the movableness safety of the local population as a whole.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
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