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Enablement of the refund of excise duty on gas fuel for accredited machines for humanitarian demining


Based on the social partnership initiative in the mine action system CEA Association of Employers in Humanitarian Demining, the New Union and the Croatian Humanitarian Demining Union, along with technical collaboration from CROMAC, Minister of Finance, on 28 July 2015, in reference to the Law on Excise Duties, brought new Ordinance about changes and amendments for the Ordinance on Excise Duties.

Mentioned Ordinance utilizes the implementation of refund measures for excise duty on gas oil for operation of accredited machines in humanitarian demining, in accordance with the Implementing Council Decision 2014/921/EC from December 16th, 2014 on the approval of the Croatian application of exemption from taxes on gas oil used during demining operations by demining machines.

The right to a refund of excise duty can be achieved by legal and natural person accredited for demining, which has a competence assessment of CROMAC for humanitarian demining machines and demining exercise in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. These subjects will be able to consume the refund measure of excise duty per entry in the register of the right to a refund of excise duty on gas oil consumed in demining.

Given the fact that the right on refund of excise duty will be utilized based on the date of registration of users, CROMAC invites legal persons accredited to carry out mechanical demining works to apply for registration in regards to Ordinance regulations.


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