Croatian mine action centre


The third training of the volunteers was held in Podum in Otoac on 17 August 2015.


In Podum, Otoac this year's third one Mine Risk Education, this time organized by the Association of OU Podum (Otoac) and MIKUB eV from Berlin, was held. Participants of training were voluntary camp INTERNATIONAL BAUORDEN Ludwigshafen, national exchange of experts from France, Germany and Croatia and bilateral (German-Croatian) theater project Body//speech//archive participants.

The audience was presented with mine action and mine situation in Croatia, Lika-senj County and Otoac municipality. They were warned of the consequences of dangerous and risky behavior, and familiarized with proper conduct in the vicinity of MSAs, respecting the mine warning signs which they were acquainted with during the presentation. At the end of the training, participants received answers to their queries and educational materials emphasizing on the possibility of using the CROMAC MIS web site.


The 14th International Symposium Humanitarian Demining 2017


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
413,70 km2

The Office for Mine Action
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