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Karlovac County granted with 29 million Kuna for the demining of agricultural land


Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development released today the first decision on the allocation of funds for sub-measure 5.2. "Support for investment in the restoration of agricultural land and production potential disrupted by natural disasters, adverse climatic conditions and catastrophic events, for the 5.2.2. "Demining of agricultural land" operation.
Karlovac County, as the first user, was granted a support in the amount of 28,937,530.60 HRK for demining of agricultural land in the County area.
"Issuance of the first decision of this operation demonstrates the will and courage of the Ministry of Agriculture and all our associated agencies and employees who have invested a huge effort to take, in the maximum amount, advantage of all funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. This decision starts the cleaning process of agricultural land from the remaining mines, which will further expand the potential and the functionalities of the land in Croatia for agricultural production" said Tihomir Jakovina, Minister of Agriculture.
Mine Action support will be awarded with the objective of restoring the potential of agricultural production on mine suspected areas and object of demining can exclusively be agricultural land and directly related infrastructure, such as farm roads to agricultural land, embankments, drainage systems, terraces, stone walls, landscaping features and similar.
6 Counties applied for the mentioned measure and requested a total support of 221.3 million Kuna. All proposed projects will be approved. Means of public support are provided from the budget of the European Union and the Croatian budget, of which the European Union through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development accounts for 85% share, while the Republic of Croatia participates with a 15% share.
Important to note, the beneficiaries of this operation are local (regional) governments. Eligible costs are only the ones of search and/or demining of agricultural land and support participation amounts up to 100% of the total eligible costs.


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