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Submission of certificates for the demined forest Prašnik


On Friday, September 18, 2015 the certificates for the demined forest and protected nature reserve Prašnik were submitted in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Tihomir Jakovina, representatives of the Brod-Posavina County, Croatian Government's Office for Mine Action and with the management of the Croatian Mine Action Centre and Croatian Forests, who gave appropriate addressing.
The attendees were presented with the demining project for the site which includes one of Europe's oldest rainforest that is declared reserve since the 1965. In addition to the economic, Prašnik will be henceforth used in scientific, educational and tourism purposes.
In his address, Minister Jakovina has emphasized the importance of current and future cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture, Croatian Forests, CROMAC and counties with the mine problem, primarily stressing the importance of realization of EAFRD funds which will grant 75 milion euros for the demining of all mine suspected agricultural areas in the Republic of Croatia, which will be a precondition for returning to its use and revitalization.
Deputy prefect of Brod Posavina County Davor Vlaović thanked for the so far cooperation on behalf of his county emphasizing the importance of revitalization of Prašnik which was exactly 50 years ago proclaimed special reserve of forest vegetation, for the development of tourism and research activities in this area. Deputy prefect welcomed the plan of total clearing of Brod - Posavina County from mine threat and the involvement of the Ministry of Agriculture about directing EAFRD grants for the demining of 857,425 square meters of agricultural land.
The CEO of the Croatian Forests Ivan Pavelic pointed out that Croatian Forests have invested more than 23 million Kuna (plus VAT) in this extensive task. Croatian Forests systematically invest in demining of forests since the 2002 in order to put all inaccessible areas under the management again. In the framework of the company more than 420 million Kuna were invested in the humanitarian demining, mainly allocated from the Fund for the beneficial functions of forests. Pavelić has emphasized that, in 2014, 25 milion Kuna were allocated for the demining and that is the plan for this year as well.
The director of CROMAC has stressed that with the demining of the forest Prašnik MSA for the Brod-Posavina County has been halved and thanks to the funds from the EAFRD all the agricultural areas of this county will be cleared which is a precondition for achieving the final goal for this year – complete removal of the mine threat in Brod-Posavina County.


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