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The mine risk education in Dvor, Topusko and Brestovac


By continuing the implementation of the annual plan, in the week from 21 to 25 of September, 2015, employees of the CROMAC in cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Interior conducted an education regarding the mine risk and residual weapons in Dvor and Topusko in Sisak-Moslavina County and in Brestovac in Požega – Slavonija County.
Sisak-Moslavina PD - Police Station Dvor and Croatian Mine Action Centre staff participated together in the activities held in Dvor on September 21. As part of the celebrating the Day of the Dvor Municipality, in front of the Cultural Center, employees of the Croatian Ministry of Interior within the action "Less arms, Less tragedies" and CROMAC had a stand which was visited by the citizens of the Dvor, students of the primary school Dvor and guests at the celebration of the Day of the Municipality led by the Sisak-Moslavina County prefect Ivo Žinić. All those present were educated about the mine action in the Republic of Croatia, and have been warned about the precautions and about the proper and risky behavior in the vicinity of MSA.
On Thursday, September 24 at the elementary school Dragutin Lerman in Brestovac mine risk education for fifth grade students was held. The training was conducted by the employees of the Požega-Slavonija Police Department and the Croatian Mine Action Centre. Lecturers presented mine danger in the area of Požega-Slavonija County to the students, explained the job and tasks of deminers and equipment that they use. The school mine explosives and signs and marking for the mine danger were also presented to them.
On September 25, 2015 in Topusko at the elementary school "Vladimir Nazor" an education for students was held to present the MSA state and mine action in Croatia. Education was conducted in cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Interior and PS Gvozd staff. Students were educated about the mine danger and about the precautions in the case of finding the remaining weapons.

In all three actions promotional and educational materials were given, especially to the children as the most vulnerable group of the population.


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