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Tour of demining project in the area of Sisak - Moslavina County


On Tuesday, September 29, 2015 the conference for journalists was held in the organization of Sisak Moslavina County, witch marked the start of demining of agricultural areas in the areas of cities of Sisak, Petrinja, Glina and the municipalities of Sunja, Topusko, Gvozd and Dvor.

Apart from the host, prefect Ivo Žinić and deputy prefect Anita Sinjeri-Ibrišević, the conference was attended by the deputy mayor of Petrinja Svjetlana Lazić and Marko Krička, deputy mayor of Sisak, heads of municipalities of Sunja and Dvor and the director of CROMAC Dražen Jakopec with his associates.

Remember, the Sisak - Moslavina County has applied to the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development tender for the allocation of support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) for the demining of agricultural land, which is made in the amount of 91.1 million kuna .

In the amount of 85% of the EAFRD funds and 15% of the State Budget will finance the demining according to four demining projects, worth 91.168 944,16 HRK, that will demine 13,4 square kilometers of agricultural land.Upon completion of the short project presentation and the press conference, participants went to the Glinska Poljana area, where they visited one of the terrains that are part of the project.

"This is the largest demining project in the Republic of Croatia, a project that Sisak Moslavina County, along with the local administration and the Ministry of Agriculture applied for the EU funds. 85% are nonrefundable funds, financed from the EU funds and 15% from the State Budget", said prefect Ivo Žinić at the end of the tour, adding that the project is of great importance for the whole area, because with it they will gain the land that will be usable."

Director of CROMAC pointed out that the implementation of these projects is the result of synergy between the state and local institutions and he expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office for Mine Action given that the precondition for the realization of agricultural land demining is the result of their activities and commitment, with the technical support from CROMAC, to create in the Rural Development Programme, within the Measure M05, the conditions for the establishment of sub-measure 5.2., that is the type of operation 5.2.2. whose execution will demine the entire Croatian agricultural land.


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