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Mine danger education in Lipik


On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, on the occasion of the day of the city and of the manifestation "Fair of opportunities", CROMAC has held mine danger education in Lipik, in collaboration with the Požega-Slavonia PD and within the framework of action "Less Arms, Less Tragedies".

To all those that were present, especially to the students of elementary school "Lipik" educational materials were given and they were also alerted regarding the forms of proper and risky behavior and regarding the obligation to comply with the mine warning signs in the vicinity of mine suspected area. Požega - Slavonija Couny still has 31.3 square kilometers of suspected mine area, while in the area of Lipik mine suspected area is slightly less than 4 square kilometers. Visitors are informed about the mine action in Republic of Croatia and CROMAC’s activities and with the implementation of demining projects in the area of their city and county.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
372,40 km2

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