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52 million HRK value of projects signed with the Lika-senja County


County prefect Milan Kolić, the director of the Croatian Mine Action Centre Dražen Jakopec and the director of "Explorer" Ltd. from Nuštar Vladimir Franjić, have today in the County prefect Cabinet, signed three agreements on search and demining of agricultural areas around Lika-senj County, whose realization is financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

During his opening speech, prefect Kolić stated that the Lika-senj County, in May 2015, has been candidated for the competition announced by the Paying Agency in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development for a grant from the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia for the 2014-2020. period, in the project of demining of agricultural land in the County. In June 2015, the County has received a decision on the admissibility of the application for support from the Agency, after which an open public procurement procedure of great value for the procurement subject of search and demining services of mine-infested farmland according to the preliminary project designs made by Croatian Mine Action Centre has been conducted. Implementation of this project will result in demining of agricultural land in the villages of Gornji Lulići and Oraovac in the amount of 0.4 km2, in settlements Podum, Dabar and Glibidol in the amount of 1.8 km2 and settlements Lički Ribnik, Ornice, Novoselo Bilajsko and Divoselo in the amount of 4.62 km2 so the total area of agricultural land included in this project amounts to 6.82 km2. The value of search and demining extends to 52,188,166.94 million HRK, including VAT. After the procedure of public procurement, one company, "Researcher" Ltd. from Nuštar, for all three groups of works or services has been chosen. "I must stress that the Lika-senj County is one of the first Counties and the third in Croatia, which has met the requirements laid down in the tender by the Paying Agency in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Croatia.". Implementation of these projects will improve the general living conditions of people, and economic and social conditions in the war-affected areas by opening new opportunities for development of rural areas trough using the newly mine free agricultural land which is, after the completion of the work, expected to be put into the function for agricultural production. I hope that the mine clearance operations, both in our County and in the whole Croatian territory, finish without incidents, firstly thinking about the safety of the contractor employees, and that the weather conditions would allow the contracted jobs execution on time, "- said mayor Kolić.

CROMAC director Dražen Jakopec introductory thanked the representatives of the County for the participation in the project and pointed out that this project included substantial agricultural area which will after demining be used for further economic development and consecutively announced the next phase of this project which aims to clean out the remaining mine contaminated area in the County.


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