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Deadline for application on the first stage of training for UXO handling has been extended


Based on the trade union representatives request at a meeting of the Coordinating Committee for improving the mine action system, CROMAC Centre for Testing, Development and Training has extended the application deadline for the first stage of UXO training - until 30th November 2015.

To enroll in this training program on matters of detection and removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) it is necessary to fulfill one of the following conditions:

a) Basic deminers training completed or

b) member of the engineering troops of the Ministry of Defense and Anti-explosive Department of the Ministry of Interior that have at least 3 years of work experience related to the detection of UXO or

c) members of the civil defense which have at least 3 years of job experience in detection and disposal of UXO.

Applicants who apply for higher degrees and have not completed the previous level of training, in order to verify their knowledge and skills and the willingness to attend the training of a higher degree, will approach the entrance exam, provided by CROMAC-CTDT before the start of noted training. The theoretical part of the course will be carried out in Zagreb in a modernly equipped classroom, and each lesson will be provided with the required amount of quality teaching tools. The practical part of the training will be conducted on the testing site Cerovac near Karlovac town that meets all the didactic, safety and other standards to carry out a practical training and on selected demining area. All participants who pass the examination will be given a Certificate of completion of an appropriate level of training and level, on dual language, Croatian and English. This educational project is tailored according to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS 09.30) and the guidelines of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN - CWA 15464/1-5). Furthermore, training for II. UXO degree is planned for January 2016, and training for III. UXO degree in March 2016.

More information on the participating conditions and training for UXO handling can be found on after you select the Training and organization of seminars heading on the Web menu. In reference to exiting strategies with a goal to raise the quality of knowledge and training of people who are part of the Croatian Mine action system, as well as the competitiveness of the knowledge and competence in international markets, we invite interested parties to inform themselves and apply for the mentioned training course.


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