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Implementation of the activities funded by EAFRD


In the area of Karlovac, Sisak - Moslavina and Brod - Posavina County demining activities of agricultural land are held financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Activities are taking place on a total of six projects in total of 18 square kilometers.

The biggest realization of 75%, that is 645,926 square meters was achieved in the demining project of agricultural areas of Brod - Posavina County, however that is also the smallest of the six listed projects. 22 different pieces of unexploded ordnance were found with the realization of this project till this day.

The demining project of Karlovac County agricultural areas is implemented within the area of 1,370,203 square meters, which is 36,47%, by finding 25 pieces of anti-personnel mines, and 4 pieces of different unexploded ordnance.

Four projects in the area of Sisak - Moslavina County of total area of 13.4 square kilometers are at different stages of implementation, from 45.83% of the project Agricultural land in the City of Sisak and Sunja Municipality area to 72.76% realization of the project Agricultural land in the City of Glina and Petrinja area, all four projects were realized with approx. 50% in average. A total of 86 anti-personnel and 14 anti-tank mines and 18 items of UXO have been found with realization of ths projects so far.

Besides the above mentioned counties, Lika - Senj, Požega - Slavonija and Osijek - Baranja County announced and completed decisions on the selection regarding the open procedure of procurement for deferral of agricultural areas demining for EAFRD funding. Decision to allocate funds to Lika - Senj County was adopted on November 19, 2015. The beginning of the activities will depend on the weather.

Požega - Slavonija and Osijek - Baranja County have completed the process of selecting tenderers in an open public procurement procedures for demining of agricultural land, but still did not received the APRRR's decision regarding their request for funds.


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