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Coordination meeting regarding the implementation of the technical survey in the municipalities of Novigrad and Posedarje


In the municipalities Novigrad and Posedarje, on December 1, 2015, several meetings regarding the implementation of the technical survey were held. There was a discussion regarding the implementation plan of technical survey relating to the areas in the settlement Narančići in the area of municipality Novigrad and area of Benjin gaj in the municipality Posedarje with total area of 591.060 m2. The meetings were attended by the owners of the land that will be covered by technical survey and a representative of the Croatian Forests Mr. Dražen Zupčić. After introductory remarks of Josip Čerina, Ph.D., head of CROMAC's Regional Office South, there was a discussion concerning the organization and implementation of the technical survey in accordance with the Law on Mine Action (NN 110/15). Private land owners were most interested in the questions of methods of de-mining given that their land is mostly covered with secondary forest vegetation. It was concluded that they will try, when performing activities of technical survey, prevent the occurrence of unnecessary damage to the forest fund in the greatest possible measure. Activities are scheduled to start in the middle of December 2015.


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