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Education on mine danger in Zemunik Donji


Education on mine danger was held in Elementary school Zemunik Donji in cooperation with representatives of Police Administration Zadar, Mrs. Sandra Poljak Jurinić, Mrs. Mila Nimac and Mr. Eugen Tissauerom. Head of the CROMAC office South, Mr. Josip Čerina held education on mine and unexploded ordinances protection. Education gathered more than 83 students and their teachers. During the education children were informed about the dangers that could be found in their surroundings and how to behave if they come across war remainings. Upon introduction, children watched cartoon „Plop“, then they had interactive presentation „Find the intruder“ and at the end, they were remaninded on the importance of the respecting of the mine danger signs.


The 15th International Symposium Mine Action 2018


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
374,00 km2

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