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Closure of the de-mining activities in the Continental Croatia, start of the works in Dalmatia


Considering the fact that weather conditions in continental part of Croatia are unfavourable for continuation of de-mining activities, by the beginning of the next week de-mining activities will start in southern part of Croatia.

Planned tender procedures for these activities were conducted in last quarter of 2015. Total area covered by these activities is 5.643.257 m² in Zadar, Šibenik – Knin and Split – Dalmatia County. All together, 14 projects will be conducted that total KN 30,770,713.62.

De-mining activities in continental part are paused due to the holidays and weather conditions and will stay closed until weather conditions become suitable for continuation.

De-mining of this area is mostly financed through EAFRD, within the Programme of Rural Development, Operation 5.2.2. „De-mining of Agricultural land“. Programme started in late September, and consists of 10 projects that cover 25,3 km² on the area of Karlovac, Sisak- Moslavina, Brod- Posavina, Osijek-Baranja and Lika-Senj Conty in total amount of 172,5 million HRK.
Realization of above mentioned activities on 21st of December 2015 was 56, 76 %.
Projects are in different stages of implementation, part of them is already finished (Brod- Posavina and Osijek-Baranja County), part is yet to start (Lika-Senj County) and part is in implementation phase (Karlovac and Sisak- Moslavina County).
By the 21st of December 2015, 160 antipersonnel, 14 anti – tank mines and 48 pieces of unexploded ordnances are found.
Second phase of de-mining activities of agricultural areas in 2016 will cover the area of 25 km².


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