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Meeting of directors of the national mine action programs was held in Geneva - Confirmation of the position and quality of the Croatian system within the international framework


From February 16 to 19, 2016 at the UN headquarters in Geneva a regular annual meeting of the directors of national mine action systems and UN Advisors was held, which was attended by Hrvoje Debač, authorized to perform duties of the Director of the Office for Mine Action and MIljenko Vahtarić, Assistant Director of CROMAC, for international relations.

As every year, the meeting is an opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge and skills in this specific area that is constantly changing and adapting to the always new geo-political and security challenges. This year the meeting was also marked by severe humanitarian crisis in Syria, for which the international community is still looking an adequate and effective response. Many other crisis areas that often remain unjustly forgotten in the shadow of the Syrian crisis, such as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, to name just a few, were also mentioned.The common denominator of all these armed conflicts and crises is precisely the necessity of engagement of mine action community, and on a global level because it shows how independent, but some broader regional efforts, just can not provide sufficient response to the complexity of the conflict.

Mine action with all its components (demining, education, assistance to victims; advocacy; stockpile destruction) can provide complementary response to crisis situations that occur almost on a daily basis around the world.

The increase of the awareness of all international key players, particularly in the UN system, that mine action should be an integral part of humanitarian, peacekeeping and security operations is positive. Because without demining and awareness of the population about the mine threat can not be systematic and sustainable development.

The Croatian delegation held a series of meetings with colleagues from naiconalnih mine centers, some of which are Turkey, Iraq and Jordan. In all the discussions the high level of cooperation and mutual trust were confirmed, and it was agreed to further strengthen the concrete forms of cooperation.

Croatia is also presented the structure and capacity of its national mine action system as well as the project for information management in mine clearance (T-IMS), which was developed within the project TIRAMISU and successfully tested right here in Croatia. We also informed about our efforts to create an effective system in order to help victims of landmines and cluster munitions, and particular positive response had the information which we announced during the meeting that the Vukovar-Srijem County is cleared of mines.


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