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1.8 million kuna worth demining of Kotar forest near Petrinja completed


Today, at the CROMAC headquarters, Hrvatska Elektroprivreda was presented with the certificates of mine cleared area of Kotar forest near Petrinja, of total area of 294,322 square meters. The total value of demining activities of Kotar forest area was 1.8 million kuna, and the amount is fully secured with the donation of HEP, which for 2015 was 2 million kuna.

Donation of HEP has also enabled for the Croatian Mine Action Center to successfully demine two projects - Kotar Forest, Part X. (layout area of 229,322 m2) and area of Vrebčevac (layout area of 65,000 m2). HEP is actively involved in projects of humanitarian demining since 1998. For the demining of their own facilities, HEP has invested 65 million kuna, while from 2011 gives donations to Croatian Mine Action Center for demining projects. To date, HEP has donated a total of 10.2 million kuna to the Croatian Mine Action Centre.

"Many HEP power facilities and hundreds of kilometers of electrical networks were also exposed to the mining during the war. Therefore, the HEP shortly after the end of the Homeland War, invested significant funds in demining its facilities network, but also in support of the Croatian Mine Action Centre. Therefore, shortly after the end of the Homeland War, HEP has invested significant funds for demining of its facilities network, but also in support for the Croatian Mine Action Centre. We are extremely proud to be the largest single domestic donor to CROMAC since 2011 and I am confident that our cooperation will continue to be successful", said Matija Horžić, director of the Thermal power plant Sisak.

Dražen Jakopec, director of the Croatian Mine Action Centre, thanked the representatives of the HEP on long-standing cooperation, noting that the HEP is the only investor in demining activities, which after the removal of mine contamination of its own infrastructure remained in the system as donor of funds for demining and as the largest single donor of domestic legal persons.

In 2015 CROMAC has with the Humanitarian Demining Plan established the continuation of systematic demining areas of Kotar forest, that started in 2014, as the area of security significance, given the high number of mine casualties and a significant number of laid minefields. In the area of Kotar forest, there have been registered 19 mine incidents involving 33 persons that were injured, 13 of them fatal.

With the realization of the two projects 357 mines, mostly anti-personnel mines, were found and destroyed. Thus, for every 800 square meters of cleared area one explosive device was found, which is far more than the average.


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