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Education on mine danger in Pakrac


Children's Entrepreneurship Fair and the Police's Open Doors Day were held in Pakrac on Friday, March 18, 2016. Croatian Mine action Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior had its stand at the mentioned Fair where citizens of Pakrac and its vicinity, especially younger ones, had the opportunity to learn about mine danger in the area where they live. Educational materials were given to the visitors to warn them about the proper behavior in case of running into dangerous objects and warning signs on mine danger. Also, a large number of DVDs of the movie "Bembo and friends against mines" and a multilingual educational picture book "Endangered World" were distributed. Pupils from the Elementary School ˝Braće Radića Pakrac˝ and from the regional schools that are in the vicinity, with the children from the Kindergarten ˝Maslačak˝ from Pakrac participated at the aforementioned Fair.


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