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Educations on Mine Danger in Sunja, Otočac and Benkovac


In the period from April 20 to 28, 2016 mine risk education were held in Sunja, Sisak-Moslavina County, in Otočac, Lika-Senj County and in Benkovac, Zadar County.

The mine situation in their area was presented to the children and to the adults. Also, they were warned regarding the risk behavior in the vicinity of mine suspected areas and were given the instruction regarding the proper behavior. Educational material like flyers and DVDs were given to the participants to remind them on still existing mine danger, especially in April – the month of protection against mines.

Educational programs were carried out in cooperation with the relevant police stations. Additionally, pupils from the Elementary school Benkovac and surrounding areas had the chance to participated in the educational show ˝Bembo and friends against mines˝ that was directed by Željko Zorica, while the actors were Kristijan Ugrina (Kikijus Astronomicus), Ivanka Mazurkijević (Ivanka Štrebsa), Slaven Juriša (Bembo) and Ivana Pavlović (Zuz).


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
365,00 km2

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